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Ship Management

Trinity Offshore also provides management services in respect to the operation and maintenance of vessels. Our services, consisting of Technical Management, Crew Management and Commercial Management, can be tailored to suit the need of interested parties.

Technical Management

Our shore base operational and technical staff are certified marine professionals with extensive experience from ships of various type, managed by Trinity Offshore. Our staff will be on hand to cater for each vessel in terms of bunkering, storing and provisioning as well as crew rotation etc. in order to minimize port turnaround times.

Effective control with operating costs remain a high priority to any ship owner. As ship managers, we develop cost budgets which realistically reflects the specific operational and maintenance requirements of individual vessels and has in-built cost control measures, as well as variance to budget reporting.

Owners are assured of budget compliance through a system of forward planning of dry-dockings, regular analysis of planned maintenance records, requisitions or reports as well as frequent technical audits carried out on board by our technical superintendents, who will provide hands on assistance in the event when technical difficulties are encountered and be in attendance during port calls or dry-dockings / repairs.

The technical staff will ensure timely renewal of Class and statutory certification, arrange for Class attendance whenever required and also handle, insurance claims pertinent to the vessel.

Commercial Management

Trinity Offshore is able to relieve owners and investors of the difficulties and perplexities of modern shipping through the provision of turn-key commercial management services comprising:

- Incorporation and administration of companies
- Sale and purchase
- Vessel registration
- Arrangement of H & M insurance and P & I coverage
- Supply contracts
- Accounting
- Budget & costing accounts

Vessel Chartering

Trinity Offshore owns and operates a fleet of specialized offshore vessels such as accommodation vessels / barges (10 berths to 300 berths), survey vessels, anchor handling tug supply vessels (AHTS), utility vessels, crew boats, supply vessels and other offshore support work boats based in Singapore and available for charter on worldwide basis.
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